No Meeting Monday 10/3/16, BUT…

The club meeting for Monday Oct. 3 has been cancelled. However, please check back on the website that day and every Monday for a weekly writing opportunity. Starting Monday, Oct. 3, we will post a writing prompt and invite submissions responding to the prompt throughout the week. We will select our favorite(s) and post them on the site each Monday along with the new prompt for that week.

Check back Monday after school!


One thought on “No Meeting Monday 10/3/16, BUT…

  1. Story of the Sky

    Somewhere along those seven days
    he raised his hand to shield the rays
    a brush of his finger ignited the sky so
    it could burn our burdened eyes

    The stars speckled along alone
    To burn bright into the unknown
    But they knew not
    That the men below guided themselves
    By their glow

    I remember the days of
    Gray and blue
    Summers sun in winters new

    The sky’s the limit is untrue
    For the story of ours
    Is limitless

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