“Get Away” with Writing

We had several intriguing responses to last week’s prompt. Our second prompt will remain open to submissions for two weeks (instead of one). We can’t wait to see what you create in response to this:

Write about one who desires to escape.


2 thoughts on ““Get Away” with Writing

  1. I can say that my first fall here was a fail for the leaves didn’t change in colors my eyes did
    I did not see the color ,
    I did not feel the wind shift
    all i felt was the once tight hug of far away peoples lossen there grip.
    I can now only cling to the rope burn left when they cut there ties.
    It was warm here but all I wanted to feel was the cold I made up for it with the temperature of my soul
    I found cold in isolation but maybe I could have been warmed with the burning of letters they never sent
    So alone I sat on the concrete curb alone waiting for the colors to change in the leafs but they never did
    they never did

  2. C.M

    You don’t make them feel wanted.
    You could’ve been a little bit nicer, you know?
    Such small critical mistakes and you keep on disapproving them.
    They’re wanting to escape that pit of fire burning in their soul yet you keep bringing their past back although they’ve just been released.
    Do YOU know how that feels?
    No, You don’t.
    Walking around with their hands handcuffed all their life isn’t a great feeling.
    I know you wish you could skip what I am saying because you don’t care.
    I know they wish they could rewind to the time where the mistakes weren’t committed.
    I wish they would understand it wasn’t their fault and not feel guilty but I don’t know if they would ever loose that feeling.

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