Have we met?

This week we are thinking about the theme “first impressions.” Comment here with your first thoughts on first impressions! Remember, first thoughts are powerful.


One thought on “Have we met?

  1. With fierce features I was afraid of you.
    I feared your strong physical appearance.
    I even dreaded knowing what you were thinking because of the words you spoke from your mouth…
    I have never heard of such reality being spoken from someone.
    You then grew on me and I found your humor very hyperbolic.
    I could relate to you because I always liked telling fairy tales.
    You always told me about your nightmares.
    Now I know why opposites attract.
    You chased after me and I did like the attention but you started getting bitter when I didn’t say those three words that everyone want’s to hear when they think they have found the one.
    But now that I rarely see you I admit I think about you more.
    You seem like you’re having a great time with your life.
    I caught your glance as you quickly jerked your head in the opposite direction pretending to open your locker when I started to make eye contact with you.
    I wanted to wish you a happy birthday since it’s tomorrow on the 17th.
    But I got intimidated by you because you looked stronger than ever and I never got the guts to say I love you too.

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