Ekphrasis Challenge

Each year, we choose a painting and select our favorite poems inspired by this painting to publish in the issue. This year, we are looking for poems prompted by Caravaggio’s Narcissus. We will accept your submissions until January 21st. Thanks!



2 thoughts on “Ekphrasis Challenge

  1. Savannah Bobik
    Title: Narcissus

    This beautiful man,
    Living in the water
    Staring back at me with longing.

    It is dark
    I am lonely
    With only this unknown man.

    I am stranded
    In this unknown place.
    With only him.

    He smells like morning dew.
    Resting on a willow’s leaves.

    And feels like the chill
    Of an icy ocean

    I wonder the reasons
    Behind his expressions.

    He holds my my heart,
    Just like he holds my life

  2. Prince of Wicked Frost
    By Taylor Young
    His contemptuous frigid gaze focused on the frozen figure that fascinated his eyes
    Heavy breaths filled the air with white obscene desperation, his odd position, wry
    He was an outcast, rejected, father dead, his mother a lynched witch
    So here he was in the deep dark woods in his icy little niche
    Flung from society and devoid of charity, he transforms the midnight river to a frozen abyss
    Where his victim’s flesh turns to a frore cadaver, his wicked pain turned to a cold twisted bliss
    The boy’s snowy sorcery created a mirror of tainted glass for his rimed casualty
    He could stare at her forever under the deadly ebony crystal, For how beautifully
    purple lips parted for muted chilling screams as well, as her freezing fingers clutching at any kind of heat
    His hunched over position of utmost observations made for no greater gelid pleasure beneath the prince’s vile feet
    His contemptuous frigid gaze focused on the frozen figure that fascinated his eyes
    The prince would never find it in his arctic heart, his reflection was what he really despised

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