Write a 26-word sentence, in which each word begins with a different letter of the alphabet. They don’t have to be in alphabetical order.

Troubled by persistent ennui, never knowing relief, Xavier just arranged his first vacation in years, selecting one quaint destination–Zabba, Malta–guessing loveliness could upend weltschmerz.
-A. Ramos


14 thoughts on “Challenge

  1. And by carrying dogs enveloped with furry grey, he learns jokes, like kangaroos moving north, or zebras possessing xylophones, running stably to you under igniting volcanoes.
    -Payton Rhein

  2. Actually, boys can dang evenly fight goons, hate is jokingly kinda lamented, maybe no one pisses quite right, Sarge’s threw universe variations, woke Xavier, young Zebra.

  3. A Black Cat Danced Even For Good Hope In Jupiter’s Kill Like Many Nights On People’s Quilts Remember So That Uranus’Vandalism Will Xylophone,
    Your Zombie.

  4. Boys can’t die even for good, he insists jumping kangaroo-like, making no one participate, quivering recklessly, stars vary your universe, with zebra and xylophone ticks.

  5. Your radio buzzes, tunes zip out, until Mariah’s dumbly xenial, voice sings ‘All I Want For Christmas’; her jam pulsates, giving nauseous listeners everywhere queasy katzenjammers.

  6. The xylophone creaked as he banged on red keys quaking playing Stars, defying gravity, vulnerably naming zebras, your moms lightbulb, while jacking up fidos extra isotopes.

    (literally makes no sense, but you know I tried)

  7. Queen Elizabeth’s long brown hair rushed in monstrous winds, kangaroos jump, zebras gallop through yellowstone park, umbrellas drape over Finn, violins and xylophones strum creating noise.

  8. A big chicken did everything for good hugs in juvenile kindergarten, love made new organisms pop-out quickly, rampaging snakes tore up various wolverines, xenops, yaks… zoophagous.

  9. Alena bobbed cautiously down every final gully, helping ill jaguar killers lure more pray onto never stopping rivers, quietly telling very weird xylophone users “you’re Zimbabwean”.

  10. Annoying little Richard was murdered before his sister could give zebras their presents from Nathan, yet Victor quirked everyone’s jugulars into kinks, ultimately xeriscaping over ‘Dick’.

  11. Always be curious, daring, engaged, flavorful, grateful, helpful, intelligent, jovial, kinky, loveable, memorable, nice, objective, purposeful, quaint, relentless, smiling, trustworthy, understanding, valiant, worthy, xenodochial, yourself, and zesty.

  12. Anybody can do everything for good-hearted intentions, joy, kindness, love, maturity, niceness, opportunity, prosperity, quests, respect, stability, tranquility, unity, virtues, wisdom, and xylophones in Zimbabwe.

  13. I am the tears that threaten to fall.
    I see the pain behind your smile.
    I can tell what I’ve done.
    I love knowing I won.
    I pretend to care.
    I am the tears that threaten to fall.

    I scream your name knowing you can’t hear me.
    I hate what you did.
    I have lived like this for a long time.
    I wish you felt my pain.
    I believe that your day will come.
    I am the tears that threaten to fall.

    I live in a nightmare.
    I walk around with my fears.
    I hear your voice mocking me.
    I want to know why.
    I ask you to go.
    I am the tears that threaten to fall.

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