“I Am” Poem

Introduce yourself by reading your poem aloud in class and/or posting it here as a comment for your classmates to enjoy.


8 thoughts on ““I Am” Poem

    I am in the dark
    I wonder when the torture will end as
    I see the darkened shadows hang over
    I think it could all end
    I want to reach the light cause
    I am in the dark

    I pretend to like my life
    I feel the emotions drown me as
    I touch the fleet less sky
    I worry the woods will choke me so
    I ask why
    I am in the dark

    I understand the worlds expectations
    I believe all the voices
    I dream they will leave me alone as
    I trust the dreams that
    I hope to see soon
    I am in the dark

  2. I am flying
    I wonder how far u can fly before I fall
    I hear all the sirens and street noises and
    I want to be loved by someone
    I am flying
    I pretend to not be shooed away all the time
    I feel like dirt when they do this
    I touch my heart and
    I worry if I’ll ever have a place to call home
    I ask myself, is it worth it? To keep soaring when I’m going nowhere
    I am flying
    I understand that I must follow with the crowd, but
    I believe I can go far
    I dream of flying over Hawaii
    I trust the wind to bring be there
    I hope I will be free there
    I am a bird

  3. I am beautiful.
    I wonder if that is true sometimes,
    I hear ads for weight loss tea and cosmetic surgery,
    I see the pressures people feel to be perfect, and yet,
    I want to love my natural self, because
    I am beautiful.
    I pretend my insecurities have faded, and that
    I feel unbothered, confident, and stunning.
    I stand in the mirror, finding every flaw.
    I worry I’ll never truly love myself, but
    I know I will eventually.
    I am beautiful.
    I understand it’s not a simple process, but
    I believe we’ll all get there one day.
    I dream of a day where we will all be unapologetic of our personal beauty.
    I trust in that faith, and
    I hope that hearing this has made you say,
    “I am beautiful.”

  4. I am functioning
    I wonder if my natural state will ever be good enough
    I hear those who love me say
    I need to stop making excuses for why
    I ‘can’t’ handle responsibilities, but
    I am functioning

    I pretend to be sunny and floral but
    I feel that I still appear dull and cold
    I touch the warmth I wish to emulate but
    I worry that I never will
    I ask when I’ll be better and yet
    I am functioning

    I understand that I have a good life
    I believe that those around me love me
    I dream that one day their work will pay off but
    I don’t know if it will
    I hope one day I’ll stop drowning enough to say more than
    I am functioning

  5. I am insignificant.
    I wonder what will happen when I am gone?
    I hear static and bad voices.
    I see a glimpse of who I use to be.
    I want it all to just stop.
    I am suffering inside.

    I pretend I am happy.
    I feel nothing but I also feel everything.
    I touch, hear and see but it is never enough.
    I worry about everything at once.
    I ask why am I here?
    I am slowly decaying.

    I understand how this horrible world works.
    I believe that one day I will be free of this prison of mine.
    I dream of the silence.
    I hope for eternal silence.
    I am a shell of who I was.

  6. I am glass
    I see you but you dont see me
    I hear yet not see
    I cant show you me
    The real me

    I pretend to be here for your sake
    I feel nothing yet everything
    One touch and I may shatter
    You worry when I say dont worry
    You ask me why I’m like this
    But my lips are sewn shut with pain

    I understand that you have a life
    I’m sorry if I cant keep this act up
    I dream maybe one day it will all go away
    I hope you can move on and be happy
    I see you smiling and laughing while I slowly fade from your memory
    I am broken

  7. Wondering Wisp
    I am a curious cat.
    I wonder who’s voice
    I hear as they speak and sing.
    I see nothing cause everything blacks out.
    I want to stop and replay.
    I am wondering.

    I pretend it’s real.
    I feel excited and numb.
    I touch the hearts of those
    I worry about as death chase them.
    I ask the truth behind those lying eyes.
    I am wondering.

    I understand it’s fake, but
    I believe it’s got some truth.
    I dream of a fantasy that can never be.
    I trust nobody.
    I hope I find myself, cause
    I am wondering through life himself.

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