Prompt-ober Two: This Time It’s Personal

It, Stephen King’s horror novel, first terrified readers in 1986. In the 90s It was adapted for a television mini-series, and recently It has been produced as a two-part feature film.

Pennywise the clown is the iconic villain of the story; however “It” refers to whatever scares you the most. In the story, the monster will take the form of whatever the character most fears.

What’s your It?


One thought on “Prompt-ober Two: This Time It’s Personal

  1. It is always there. It follows me down the halls, up stairs, and through doors.
    It will never go away.
    When I run from It, bad things happen.
    I lock the door, and the next morning It has broken through. It stands beside my bed. It watched me sleep last night. All night.
    I push It down and close It in a box. Soon, the box explodes and It slithers back to me, smiling if It could smile.
    I outsmart It until It outsmarts itself.
    I outrun It until It runs faster.
    I cannot win. It is too much.
    It is too scary, too real.
    It is standing over my shoulder now, or maybe across the room.
    It reads my words and nods. Yes, these will do just fine.
    I recognize It’s voice, faintly. I’ve known It for so long, I cannot remember if I have always known the voice.
    It stares at me unblinkingly.
    My own dead eyes look at their reflection.

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