Monthly Writing Prompt

Welcome to Sunlake Review. We want to hear from you! Each month we will post a new creative writing prompt here on our homepage. Share your writing in the comments. It will appear as soon as our team approves it.

November’s prompt:

Write a poem with the theme of gratitude.
Write about a character who can’t (or won’t) say “thank you.”

Personally, I am thankful for our school’s enchanting butterfly garden and for Rebecca Wheeler for taking these gorgeous close-up photographs there.

2 thoughts on “Monthly Writing Prompt

  1. Cherish love even in short passings
    For thanks is sweeter than contempt
    And even in the shortest passings
    Love is time well spent

  2. He is a tall man, wears black shoes and solid colored suits. He is a lawyer, he never smiles. If someone holds the door open for him, he walks in and doesn’t say a thing. Someone says something nice to him he says nothing but nods. He refuses to say thank you he believes if someone does or says something to him they do it because they want to not for him to talk back. He has only ever said thank you once in his life and the person killed his father right after, ever since that day he refused to say thank you or even thanks.

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