You’re Invited!

Monday, Dec. 16th from 2:00-3:00
Room 4-108

The Sunlake Review would like to welcome you to a holiday gathering. We will have refreshments and a fun writing activity. We are also going to have a white elephant gift exchange. If you wish to participate in the gift activity, please bring a gently used book that you enjoyed and think others might like. Please gift-wrap it in advance.

flowers on top of stacked books and mug

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December Prompt

Thank you to Rylee and Hannah for responding to our November prompt. To reply to the prompt, add a comment. It will appear once it’s been approved.

This month’s prompt is:

Write about literal or figurative confinement.


Monthly Writing Prompt

Welcome to Sunlake Review. We want to hear from you! Each month we will post a new creative writing prompt here on our homepage. Share your writing in the comments. It will appear as soon as our team approves it.

November’s prompt:

Write a poem with the theme of gratitude.
Write about a character who can’t (or won’t) say “thank you.”

Personally, I am thankful for our school’s enchanting butterfly garden and for Rebecca Wheeler for taking these gorgeous close-up photographs there.