Creative Writing 1

Formal writing assignments are taken through the entire writing process. This ends with publishing, which can be demonstrated by formal reading in class OR posting as a comment on this page.

Please post your metaphor poem here if you didn’t share it in class.


4 thoughts on “Creative Writing 1

  1. She is Ugly:

    Her blue eyes ought to be red,
    And a pair of devil horns would fit well
    Upon her blonde head.

    Some would say that when she flutters her spider-leg eyelashes
    that she casts a spell on whoever is unlucky enough
    To see it, and well, I wouldn’t be surprised if it
    Were true because she had me fooled

    Just like she has you.
    The same hands that would hold and kiss and
    Give shiny things are the same pair of hands
    That’ll rip your heart right out of your chest.

    You’ll give her money and time and attention and
    Everything she’d ever want but she’ll pack up her things
    Her arms full of your generosity
    And tell you it’s for the best.

    And then you’d be part of the handful of us that be done
    The same as you, who’ve given our all to the
    Devil on earth who did nothing but
    Business on us.

    Another pawn in her chess game, another client.
    And soon you’ll start to blame yourself but you shouldn’t.
    Her skin is beautiful but her words are like razors
    Across your heart.

    Her skin is beautiful but she left you.
    Her skin is beautiful but she is why you cry at night.
    Her skin is beautiful but you deserved better anyways.
    Her skin is beautiful but she is Ugly.

  2. “Freedom”
    by Hope Kuczynski
    A toast.
    To being alive,
    For the breath in our lungs,
    To being able to walk, run, sprint.
    To being able to feel the cool breeze in an early spring
    To resting our cheek onto a soft new pillow
    To lying down in the green grass,
    And soaking up the sun’s warmth.

    To knowing the hug of a brother and
    The song of the forest winds
    To feeling the adrenaline rush of a motorcycle ride
    To the smell of freshly baked goods and
    The taste of cool icy water on a scorching day.

    And above all,
    To our will.
    Our will to dance, to sing, to love and be loved
    In any way that we desire.
    To our freedom.

  3. “My Name”
    By: Hope Kuczynski

    Little Suzie, so small
    Whose wishes were,
    Oh so tall
    But Hope came thundering
    like a big giant blundering.
    Crushed the expected until
    could be collected.

    Little Suzie is not my name.
    Little Suzie is not me.
    It is only,
    Someone I wish to be.

    My name means wishing, dreaming, believing
    It can be seen as the rainbow
    after a thunderstorm. However,
    My name is not all sunshine and rainbows.
    Dig deeper and you’ll find that my name
    feels dangerous and smells like fear.

    My name is mine because I almost
    died when my mom gave birth to me.
    To me, my name is a nuisance because
    It rhymes with things like
    dope and the pope and the only
    nickname I get,
    is hopey.

    My name is destructive, for it
    holds humanity.
    My name is like a whisper
    it is the small voice that says
    ‘keep going’.

    My name looks weak but,
    It is powerful.
    It can lead to broken dreams and a
    Million mournings.
    It sounds sweet and lively but,
    Don’t let that fool you because
    My name is Hope
    and I am mankind’s
    Greatest weakness and
    Greatest strength.

  4. Fossils
    by Bryanna Joseph

    His shadow cascading
    Over my mind darkening
    my every movement.
    The flint shaded pupils
    staring daggers
    into my charcoal black soul.

    Breathy smoke consuming my nose
    pulling me into your trance.
    A clouded over dazed of reality fogs my life.
    The iron grip
    on my hand pulling me more
    and more
    into your trap.

    Until I’m bare and weak.
    Another grey bone
    In your
    Bag of fossils.

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