Creative Writing 2

Creative Writing 2 students are working on the “Sountrack of My Life” project, which is due Friday, February 3rd.

If you are publishing one of your entries from this project, rather than presenting in class, then please post as a reply to this page.

Your post will appear after I have approved it. It will remain online for two weeks for your peers to enjoy.


5 thoughts on “Creative Writing 2

  1. Grace Carter Period 4

    “You take a deep breath and you walk through the doors
    It’s the morning of your very first day
    You say “Hi” to your friends you ain’t seen in awhile
    Try and stay out of everybody’s way
    It’s your freshman year and you’re gonna be here
    For the next four years in this town” – Taylor Swift, Fifteen

    At the age of seven, I was introduced to Taylor Swift by my cousin. She was the first pop singer I had ever heard, and at the time, I was allowed to listen to it, because Taylor Swift sang clean songs and she was young. I grew up listening to her, buying every album that came out. I was never excited to do anything that signified growing up, as a child, and now. I was never excited to do to pre-school, middle school, and especially high school. I’m not even looking forward to driving or getting a job! I always feared that high school would be a scary place, where people would bully innocent kids, and creepy goth kids would stand in the shadows offering kids joints, holding it in a villainous way, the way no one holds a joint. I was right to not look forward to high school, it’s boring, and we don’t even have goth kids!
    The summer before my first year of highschool; I was thirteen, and I turned fourteen on the first day of my freshmen year. Although I wasn’t fifteen when I “walked through the doors” on “morning of my very first day,” but this song meant a lot to me, and it’s how I truly pictured freshmen year. When you’re a freshmen, you try to be quiet, small, and stay out of the way of bigger kids. Which is exactly what I did. So whenever I hear this song I imagine my first day of school.

  2. Hailee Wildasin
    Song #3- “Close to you” by: Artist Vs. Poet

    I chose this song due to how I had the ability to find and pursue a love interest. Although, I was able to find romance in my life, I still am able to realize the harsh truth of reality. Life is hard and certain situations can be tough, but having someone beside you can make things much easier. Of course, this hasn’t gotten to my head just yet, I don’t fully trust him yet, any day he could find someone better, prettier, with a better personality, and a body much better than mine. Reality is that, not everything is going to be perfect, he and I shall argue, he most likely will see others who are more attractive than I. Yet life is imperfect, I shall stay by his side and I hope he shall stay by mine. The song amplifies how, having someone be there, close by you, even as the world falls apart, is most important. Being with who love is most important, even if you burn in hell together, because love is one of the most important things of life. Love keeps us sane. While the world falls apart, crumbling down, you shall stand by who you care for most. As that is what should always see as most important, falling down with the one you love, down into the darkness, yet you can not see the world around you, falling apart, as you focus on their face, and how much love you feel for them. Seeing them by your side will help you realize that, being together is all that matters.

  3. Amanda Gladson:
    My great grandpa, Blaine, passed away in early 2015. At his funeral they played many songs. but one song that stuck out the most was, “I Can Only Imagine” by MercyMe. As I listened to the lyrics I began to remember all things my family told me but more importantly what my great grandpa had told me. He always told me to imagine. He told me to imagine what could happen as days go on. Not only does this song remind me of him telling me to imagine, but the overall song reminds me of him. The choice of lyrics the song uses reminds me of how nice and caring he was. My great grandpa treated my sister, my 3 other cousins, and I great! He treated us with kindness, and showed us how much he cares about us even over the little things. This song also reminds me of his kind smile and sense of humor. You would have never seen my grandpa walk around with a frown. My grandpa was always happy but also knew how to make me laugh. Every time I saw him he always had a new joke or a story to tell. Some of my favorite stories were the ones about my dad and grandpa when they were younger kids. My great grandpa grew up in Knoxville, Tennessee and he always had funny stories of what it was like growing up there, and how is family was up in Tennessee. My great grandpa was an amazing man who knew how to make myself and family feel loved and happy. Every time I hear the song “I Can Only Imagine” I think of him, I tend to tear up and miss him, but I know he is in a better place, and I know is looking after me. I love you grandpa Blaine.

  4. Malaney Stepp
    Song Project
    “Don’t Stop Me Now” By: Queen

    Being a little kid was great. When I say “little kid” I mean like five or six years old. Nothing could stop you. Life was great because all you really had to worry about was what to bring to show and tell, just little things like that. “Don’t stop me now” because I was always “having a good time,” laughing about dumb cartoons or crying because you lost your favorite stuffed animal that you would bring everywhere with you. I remember little things that would make me smile like going to centers or playing on the slides during outside time. Running to the playground in hope that there are still swings left and if there wasn’t then going to the monkey bars. I loved going outside and being with my friends and making up silly games that at the time seemed like really good ideas but looking back at it I’m now wondering if it really was a good idea. Being a little kids was great, no cares, no homework or at least not as much, and the cool little toys that you would get if you had a good week at school. Being five during Christmas time and telling yourself that you’re going to stay up all night to try to catch Santa. Getting excited for dumb reasons. I remember my mom telling about these pink boots that I loved so much that I had two pairs of them. She said I would always wearing them no matter what and be sad if I wasn’t wearing them. My brother and me would play ninjas and “spy” on my dad and pawpaw (that’s what we call our grandpa). “I’m having such a good time.” Being that age is just a distant memory now and I wish I was still that age. Nothing could stop my ambition to do good and now I’m not really sure what I want anymore.

  5. Song 3: LUCKI – Pop Out/Up
    Time Period: Senior Year (Present)

    This song is actually devoid of hard lyrical content which makes it hard to pull out concrete meaning, but I chose it for a reason. The entire feel of this song is what makes it such a significant and unique piece for me which I can relate to, a feeling of nostalgia, wistfulness, and ambition at the same time. A full understanding of my thoughts would require complete context into my life, but the gist of it is this. Right now I’m just doing me. It’s all I ever really had to do. I spent the last few years uncovering the path I was supposed to travel down. Now I’m finding that walking on it is the hardest part, but it gets easier if you keep trying. I still do things that get me in trouble (“It ain’t nothing different/I just hide my sinning”) and I still make the same mistakes I made before but the important part is to realize how relatively little they matter. The important part is what you end up doing about it and what you do in the future so you don’t make the mistake again. I’ve also grown detached from most people, even the ones I used to be best of friends with. So now there’s very few things I have to ponder on save for vague memories of different times that I’ll never live in again, or visions of a future that I create which is different from what my life has been before. I choose the latter because I can never go back, the only thing I can do is go forward and I should accept that – even if “forward” doesn’t necessarily mean “up”.

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