Ekphrasis Challenge

Each year, we choose a painting and select our favorite poems inspired by this painting to publish in the issue. This year, we are looking for poems prompted by Caravaggio’s Narcissus. We will accept your submissions until January 21st. Thanks!



White Elephant

Next week, the Sunlake Review club is celebrating our last meeting of 2016 with a “white elephant” used book exchange. To participate, please gift wrap and bring a used book you think others in the club would enjoy.

A Whole New World

For this week’s challenge, focus on creating an original setting. Whether it’s a theme park, small town, metropolis, or a new planet, YOU will design the world in which a story will happen.

Remember to share your story in the comments!

Get Friendly With Your Keyboard

This week’s theme is friendship. Write about the beginning or end of a friendship. Write about an unlikely or unexpected friendship. Write about the friend you wish was your family, if you were able to choose such things.

Write what comes to mind, in prose or in rhyme; just write it this time.
Friendly eyes are longing to read your unique ideas on this theme…