Submit Work

Submissions for this year’s issue are due January 31, 2020.

E-mail your submissions to, bring it to room 4-108, or post it as a reply to this page for our review. (Replies to this page won’t appear online; they will simply appear in our inbox.) Be sure to include a title for each submission, your name, and an e-mail address if you’d like confirmation that we’ve received your entry.

If you would like to submit visual art, please scan or artfully photograph and e-mail your digital file. Only our cover will appear in full color. Any other entries accepted will be converted to black and white to appear in the book.

One thought on “Submit Work

  1. By: Bruce Metzger

    I think it was 2 years ago I went on a Cruise. It wasn’t my first Cruise but I went to one when I was like 4 and then When I was 13. I had fun on the cruise! Before we were able to get inside the ship. We had to go through so much security and lines were huge. This recent one I went to I heard a specific song like 5 times on this cruise. It was a 5 day cruise as well. The song was Uptown Funk by Bruno mars and I honestly didn’t like the song but after hearing it so many times after the cruise it makes me think of how much fun I had on the cruise. The song isn’t played much anymore but that’s fine because it is annoying. On the cruise I had so much fun, when I was walking into the ship that was the first thing I heard is that song. It made me think I was in some type of party or club. I was able to get as much Ice cream as I want and played putt putt golf on the ship. I’d look over the ship and see nothing but clear water and waves. We eventually arrived at the Bahamas. When getting off the ship they had a taxi and we used it to get to the place called Atlantis. It had a water park and a aquarium then we looked at the beach. The waves were huge and the water was really clear. The day went by so fast it was time to get back to the ship. The Ship ride back to Florida I heard the song again. On the shows and on the stage. It was annoying but after all when I hear it now It makes me think of this fun trip!

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